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Treatment Options

Identification of genetic markers enables our medical team to assess a patient's response to different medications and select the most optimal treatment.

Conventional Therapies

In some cases conventional therapy is the most appropriate treatment for a patient. Our Clinic offers customized combination therapies consisting of conventional and other therapies to maximize effectiveness while minimizing the impact of traditional therapies.

Surgery, radiation therapy, and specialized imaging such as MRI, CT and PET scan, are provided at other local medical facilities.

Approved Targeted Therapies

Targeted medications are drugs that selectively block the growth and spread of cancer without affecting the healthy cells. Targeted therapies interfere with cancer cell growth differently than cytotoxic chemotherapy and at various points during the development, growth, and spread of cancer. By switching off the signals that make cancer cells grow and divide uncontrollably, targeted cancer therapies can help stop the growth of cancer cells.

Targeted medications may be easier to tolerate than standard chemotherapy and radiation. Several targeted therapeutics have been approved by the FDA and are available for treatment at the Burzynski Clinic.

Individual Patient Care and Continuous Follow-Up

We believe the quality of the treatment is determined not only by the effectiveness of the cancer therapy but also by the quality of the patient's life during and after the treatment.

Burzynski Clinic provides a wide range of services to assure the comfort, convenience and well being of our patients, including 24-hour monitoring, dietary supplements and nutrition counseling.

We take pride in offering the highest quality of personalized patient care. Each patient receives personal attention of a medical team assigned to them for the duration of their treatment.

Our supervision continues after the patient returns home and resumes care under their local physician until the treatment is completed.

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Brain cancer
Cancer free for 5 years
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