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A birthday, an anniversary, a graduation, a wedding, the birth of a new child.  New memories...





When we hear at Burzynski Clinic that our patients are celebrating new milestones, just enjoying life, well... it brings smiles to our faces. We believe so strongly in what we do for our patients. It is not just about the concierge care we provide when they come in the door scared about their evaluation and treatment.  It is about helping them fight every day, helping them fight to win the battle.  That is why we share some of the stories from our large family of patients:



Kelsey and her family celebrated at this year's Christmas party. Her mom and dad have a lot of reason to celebrate. They never thought they would celebrate Christmas with Kelsey in 2012. Kelsey had kidney and adrenal (adrenocortical) cancer with metastases to the lymph nodes and lungs. You don't have to be a cancer expert to know that means big trouble.  Kelsey was only seven months old, and her family had little hope. She was in Stage IV when she began her treatment. She is now 7 years old.  Her dad confirms she is cancer-free. And Kelsey... she says she wants to be a doctor.






Dustin521-year-old Dustin Kunnari is planning a wedding. We were so excited to hear about Dustin's engagement to his girlfriend Calah. We wish them a long and happy marriage. Dustin and his parents never thought this day would come.  When he was just 2½ years old, there was horrible news. Dustin was diagnosed with medulloblastoma of the brain. Even if you don't know the medical term, you know its horrible news... Shortly after he began treatment at the Burzynski clinic, Dustin's tumor began to shrink.  Initially, doctors did not hold out hope for Dustin. That was more than 18 years ago. Today, the tumor is gone.



James_after_webIn April of 2004, Jim was diagnosed with glioblastoma multiforme grade IV (GBM brain tumor).  Other doctors told Jim he had only 3 to 6 months to live. Imagine the shock for this tough, retired US Marine Corps Lieutenant Colonel. After two unsuccessful surgeries, failed radiation and chemo treatments, Jim started treatment at Burzynski Clinic.  He knew his military fighting days would be nothing compared to his fight to beat cancer. He thought the Burzynski Clinic would probably be his last chance at life. Today, 8 years later, Jim wanted us to know that life is VERY good, and that he is tumor-free.




Paul_afterPaul is 31 years old. A young man with his whole life ahead of him. A life that could have ended so differently. When he was just 4 years old, his parents were told the bad news. It had a long medical name, optic-hypothalamic glioma. Other doctors said surgery wasn't possible. Since his treatment at our clinic, Paul has been cancer-free.









Sophie_web-afterSophia was only 11 months old when her parents got the devastating news. Sophia had a potentially fatal brain tumor. A parent's worst nightmare is having to watch helplessly as your child dies. Doctors told Sophia's parents she wouldn’t make it to her second birthday. That was back in 1996. Today, 16 years after her treatment Sophia received at the Burzynski clinic, she is living her life the way we want to see all our patients live. HAPPY and HEALTHY.



To connect with any of the these patients contact our Cancer Information Specialists.





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Brain tumor
Cancer free since 2003
Read her story

James Treadwell

Brain cancer
Cancer free for 5 years
Read his story
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