On October 13, 2007 the Burzynski Clinic celebrated '30 Years of Saving Lives' during an evening gala banquet at the Omni Westside hotel in Houston. The event was dedicated to all cancer survivors and to all those who lost the battle.

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A very special heart, a gift to Drs. Burzynski from a 12 year old Sophie, brain tumor survivor, cancer-free for over 10 years.


The gala banquet was opened by a musical presentation performed by Andrzej Grabiec, professor of violin at the Moores School of Music, followed by appearances from distinguished guests such as Dr. Julian Whitaker, author of the Health & Healing newsletter and founder of the American Preventive Medicine Association, and Thomas Elias, Pulitzer Prize nominee, and author of the book The Burzynski Breakthrough. The event was hosted by Mr. Steven Siegel, founder of the Burzynski Patient Group and husband of a former patient Mary Jo Siegel.

Drs. Barbara and Stanislaw Burzynski introduced to the guests their son and successor, Dr. Greg Burzynski, who will continue Dr. Burzynski's scientific work.


The highlight of the evening was the Life Service Award Ceremony dedicated to the patients cured of cancer for the longest period of time. The first award went to a veteran, now cancer-free for 27 years, who was once diagnosed with malignant mesothelioma, a deadly cancer caused by exposure to asbestos. The remaining awards went to a large group of cancer survivors of 10 years and more. All those who lost the battle against cancer were honored with one minute of silence.



One of the most touching moments of the evening were the heart-warming testimonials of the patients and their relatives, filled with words of gratitude and appreciation to Dr. Burzynski as well as words of joy, encouragement and respect to life.



Several patients prepared their personal awards and trophies honoring Dr. Burzynski.


The Pink Ribbons Awards Ceremony was dedicated to all breast cancer survivors in recognition of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Breast cancer survivors received symbolic pink ribbon pins as a token of their victory over cancer, awarded by a cheerleader from the Houston Texans football team to show their support of the breast cancer awareness initiative.


More photos from the event:


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Brain tumor
Cancer free since 2003
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James Treadwell

Brain cancer
Cancer free for 5 years
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